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About Me

Who am i?

A three-word question,short but not that easy to answer. My name is Jaydeep Chavda . Akka JD.

I am doing Bachelor of computer Application [BCA]. Uhm....I'm a very cheerful and enthusiastic pers0n and every0ne kn0ws what i love the most....Technology S0., anyway., i l0ve many things..,Photography, (literally)including the guitar(Inspired by lp) Even though i'm n0t an expert(noob) in playing iT.. heheh :p.

I always think positive ->which have nvr help me too achieve anything ,but still it become a habit.

I forgive people soon,as i feel this life as too short and hv no time to keep on proving others as wrong and we the only perfect !

I hv observed about myself is i don't go behind famous people, as it would be an extra burden to them.  **i don’t like to disturb anybody** I enjoy the company of people who are free.I too love to live freely !

One thing which i always want to tell all those people who want to hear from me is…please be original..Be how you are and never try to act as someone else. Be proud of who you are and try to be yourself in most of the times. Don’t copy things from others.

You Were Born an Original
One of a Kind.
Amazing. Right?
Too bad society doesn't see it.
It prefers to lump us together
SLAP a Label on US.
So we Share
What we have in COMMON.
And downplay
Things that make us
Even if They make us
It's Understandable.
We want to
Yet your true self
Refuses to be Denied.
It Lays WAITING...
for you to say,
I'm not like You. Or You. Or You.
I am The
Show The World the Real YOU.
Flaunt it.
And that's a good thing.
You're an ORIGINAL.
One of a Kind.

There is this one "characteristic" i have never showed t0 anyone or is it because there aren’t many circumstances t0 trigger it.? C0nfusing, aren’t i.? Well, n0b0dy yet in the class, including My classmates in the other subjects, has seen me getting angry ab0ut anyone and anything.I'm n0t a hateful pers0n.,but there are s0me things., only-god-knows-why., i get irritated. I d0n't like being interrupted when i'm d0ing s0mething seri0us.,especially when i'm s0 busy d0ing it. I als0 hate the idea of cancelling what I had already planned.,it is s0, so, annoying & its very frustrating!

" Silence is not my weakness, its just i dont want to waste my time "

Well., that's all about me !!

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